Logo Natural Food Argentina


NATURAL FOOD ARGENTINA is a dehydrated fruits production and trading company, which has gradually established as one of the most relevant organizations in the dried fruits market at the national level. With only just a few years of history, NATURAL FOOD has succeeded in taking outstanding products across the country and the world, through their own and third parties' crops, which are processed and exported by the company, trading also fruits in different forms and adding value and distinction. Grape Raisins, Prunes, Walnuts, Sun-Dried Tomatoes/Tomatoes Dissected and Almonds, among other fruits, are the basis of the products elaborated with the highest quality standards, thus ensuring compliance with the commitment, the guarantee, and the trust that each customer expects from NATURAL FOOD.


To lead dehydrated fruits production and trading throughout the region.


We are a dehydrated fruits production and trading company that, through a management model based on the continuous improvement of the processes and the application of state-of-the-art technology, seeks to offer the highest-quality products, building value to whom are linked to the organization - employees, suppliers, banks, investors, customers, the State, and society as a whole.



    Only through teamwork, those who conform the organization will be able to achieve the necessary efficiency to provide our customers excellent products and services in order to ensure them full satisfaction and compliance.


    We pursue dreams in a pragmatic manner so as to build value for customers and society in general.


    We are strongly committed to our principles, our people, our work, our customers, and our place in the world.